The sections below provide information on CCCEP's accreditation process, the types of applications, fees, timelines, and links to the required forms for submission.  For ease of review there are four sections, each with boxes that break down the information within the section.

Section 1:  Accreditation Information - provides an overview of CCCEP accreditation, including formats/types of learning activities, categories of accreditation, accreditation periods and timelines associated with the application process.

Section 2:  Application Process - provides an overview of the steps involved in the application and review process, and specific details for submitting the various types of applications.  Details on how providers submit the various applications into the application dabatase can also be found in the Accreditation Manual for Program Providers by clicking here.

Section 3:  Fees and forms - provides links to CCCEP's fee tables and to all the forms required for applications for accreditation (e.g., application checklists, expert reviewer release forms, conflict of interest disclosure forms)

Section 4:  Additional Information - provides links to other useful materials on the CCCEP website (e.g., Standards of Practice for Pharmacy Professionals, Scientific Planning Committee requirements)