The accreditation basics include the following:


1.    Accreditation Period

1.1.    The accreditation period for new learning activities (Live, Independent Study and Blended) learning activities is one year.

1.2.    The accreditation period for a Conference is the date(s) of the conference.

2.    Accreditation Renewal

2.1.    The learning activity accreditation (excluding a conference) may be renewed up to two times for a period of one year for each renewal.

2.1.1.    A conference accreditation may not be renewed.

2.2.    Following the second renewal, learning activities may be:

2.2.1.    Extended, if minimal content change is required for the learning activity to remain current and relevant;
2.2.2.    Submitted as a new learning activity for accreditation; or
2.2.3.    Discontinued.

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1.    The CCCEP Accreditation Number has five sections:

1.1.    Program provider number
1.2.    Year submitted
1.3.    Automatically generated sequential number
1.4.    Delivery Mode (L = Live, I = Independent Study, B = Blended, C = Conference)
1.5.    Target Audience (P = Pharmacist, T = Technician, Z = Pharmacists and Technicians)

#### #### #### Letter P, T or Z
Provider Number Year Sequential Number Delivery Mode Target Auditence

Example: 1092-2009-356-L-P – was submitted by provider number 1092 in 2009 and is a live learning activity for pharmacists. The sequential number (356) means it is the 356th activity to be submitted.

2.  Dual Accreditation: A learning activity accredited for both pharmacists and technicians. Select target audience "Pharmacists and Technicians". 

You NO LONGER need to submit the application twice - once for technicians and once for pharmacists. Refer to the Accreditation Fee Schedule for information on Dual Accreditation fees.

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 1.    One Continuing Education Unit (CEU) is equivalent to one contact hour (60 minutes).
2.    A minimum of one-quarter CEU (15 minutes) is required for accreditation.

3.    The total number of CEUs of a learning activity:

3.1.    Include the contact hours of a live learning activity or the estimated contact hours to complete an independent study activity;
3.2.    Include the time for the learner to complete the learner assessment;
3.3.    Exclude breaks and non-educational activities greater than 5 minutes in a live learning activity.

4.    The estimated contact hours  for independent study activities may be determined by one, or a combination, of the following:

4.1.    The time-to-complete the learning activity by a CCCEP Learning Review Panel;
4.2.    The Mergener formula (for journal articles and similar activities);
4.3.    The time to complete a verified pilot test of the learning activity with a group representative of the target audience;
4.4.    Other verifiable process that is approved in advance by the Executive Director; or
4.5.    A combination of the above.

To learn more about the Mergener formula, go to the Mergener formula page.

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