There are six steps in the CCCEP individual learning activity accreditation process:

  1. Pre-Application (Development) - provider develops the learning activity, gets an expert review and completes other required documents.
  2. Application Submission - provider completes the online application form and submits learning activity content and other documents to CCCEP.
  3. Accreditation Review - CCCEP reviews the application and prepares the Preliminary Report on the review.
  4. Decision on Accreditation - CCCEP sends the Preliminary Report to the provider, identifying any changes required for accreditation; then the provider advises CCCEP of the changes made to learning activity and submits the revised program.
  5. Finalize Documentation - If approved, CCCEP sends letter of accreditation, lists the program on the CCCEP website and finalizes documentation;
  6. Post-Accreditation - Provider delivers activity, submits required reports to CCCEP, and applies for renewals and updates as needed.

Each type of application for accreditation follows a similar process. The timeline and type of review conducted may vary for the different types of accreditation reviews (New Activity, Administrative Change, Activity Type Change and Extension).

Click on the link to download a detailed overview of CCCEP accreditation process.