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Search for a Learning Activity

You may search for any learning activity that is currently accredited by CCCEP. There are typically between 250 and 400 learning activities in the CCCEP database of accredited learning actitivities.

You may search for a learning activity in a number of different ways. Once you have completed your search, a list of accredited activities matching your search criteria will be generated.

To obtain a description of the learning activity and the registration information, click on the title to open the Learning Activity information page for that activity.


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Register in a Learning Activity

Once you have found a list of learning activities, click on the title of the learning activity to open the Learning Activity Information Form.

This form provides a brief description of the learning activity and the contact information to obtain more information about the activity or to register in the activity.

For more information on registration in a learning activity, click here.

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Certificate Programs

A certificate level program is considered to include a higher level of learning than a regular continuing education program. To be accredited as a certificate program, a continuing education program must meet specific conditions relating to application of learning, learner assessment and the certificate of completion.

Only programs accredited as a certificate program may issue a certificate. Other continuing education programs may issue a statement or letter of attendance.

For more information on the requirements for Certificate Program accreditation, click here.

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Competency-Mapped Accredited Programs

Competency-mapped accreditation is an enhanced accreditation process for certificate programs that reviews the objectives and content of the program to ensure that the program meets a pre-determined set of requirements or standards for a subject area.

The current Competency-Mapped Accredited Program areas are:  

Competency-Mapped Accreditation is under development for the following areas:

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Meds Check Diabetes (Ontario) Programs

Ontario Health requires Pharmacists in Ontario to complete an accredited diabetes program in order to do Diabetes Meds Checks.

For a list of programs that meet the requirements for Meds Check Diabetes, click here.


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