Cannabis and Patient Care in Pharmacy 


Cannabis and Patient Care in Pharmacy is one of the program areas which is eligible for accreditation under CCCEP’s Competency Mapped Program Accreditation Policy. To view the policy please click here.


Available Programs

To obtain a list of Cannabis and Patient Care in Pharmacy Programs that are currently accredited as Competency Mapped Programs click here.


Provincial Requirements

The following Provincial Regulatory Authorities (PRAs) currently require pharmacists to complete an educational program that meets the list of required competencies for Cannabis and Patient Care:

  • Ontario College of Pharmacists


Program Requirements

The program must meet the following conditions:

  1. The program addresses the three required competencies.

Required Competencies

The three required competencies, as well as the content expected in a learning activity that is intended to address the required competencies, are outlined in the application form that can be found on the CCCEP forms page.


Accreditation Review Process

The competency-mapped accreditation review process for Cannabis-related Competency programs is a two-stage process.

  • Stage 1: Regular review for a CCCEP-accredited Continuing Education program.
  • Stage 2: Review the extent to which the program addresses the three (3) competencies.

The Stage 1 review process is the process that is used for all new learning activities. The Stage 2 review process examines content of a program to determine the extent to which the program addresses each of the required competencies.



Information regarding the application process for competency mapped accreditation can be found on the Competency Mapped Accreditation page by clicking here