Cannabis and Patient Care in Pharmacy

The following Provincial Regulatory Authorities require a pharmacist to complete an educational program that meets the list of required competencies for Cannabis and Patient Care:

  • Ontario College of Pharmacists

Other Provincial Regulatory Authorities are reviewing requirements for Cannabis and Patient Care.

Available Programs

To obtain a list of Cannabis and Patient Care in Pharmacy Programs that are currently accredited click here.

Program Requirements

The program that meet the following conditions:

  1. The program addresses the three approved competencies in the following areas:
    • Ethical, legal and professional responsibilities
    • Patient care
    • Application of knowledge and research
  2.  The program meets the criteria and guidelines for a CCCEP accredited Continuing Education Certificate program as outlined in the CCCEP policy on certificate programs [ ]
  3. Only programs that address the three (3) competencies outlined in Condition 1 may be accredited as a certificate program under the CCCEP policy on Accreditation of Continuing Education Certificate Programs. They may issue a certificate in Cannabis and Patient Care in Pharmacy.

Accreditation Review Process

The competency-mapped accreditation review process for Cannabis-related Competency programs is a two-stage process.

  • Stage 1: Regular review for a CCCEP-accredited Continuing Education Certificate program.
  • Stage 2: Review the extent to which the program addresses the three (3) competencies.

The second stage review will examine the learning objectives and the content of a program to determine the extent to which the program addresses each competency.

You may download the Competency-Mapped Application from the CCCEP Forms Page on this website. Scroll down to Competency-Mapped Accreditation Forms.