Accredited Providers

Before submitting an application you may wish to review information about the CCCEP accreditation process or  CCCEP's standards or guidelines. Links to each are in the boxes below. You may also wish to consult the information in the Frequently Asked Questions document found by clicking on the box located at the bottom of this page.


Accredited Providers are authorized to self-accredit new learning activities and conferences. They are also authorized to renew or extend learning activities, update an activity or conduct other administrative changes (e.g. title change). They may also accredit certificate programs.

However, accredited providers are not authorized to conduct competency mapped accreditation. Once the first stage of a competency mapped accreditation review is completed by the accredited provider it must be submitted to CCCEP for the stage 2 review. For further information on competency mapped accreditation please click on the box below.

The other boxes below pertain to CCCEP's accreditation process and documentation requirements for the other types of applications. Accredited providers may find this information helpful in developing or refining their self-accreditation processes for these types of applications.

Even though self-accreditation is conducted by the accredited providers, they must enter the appropriate information in the CCCEP database so that we have a record of the programs they have accredited, and so that those programs are visible from the 'search for a learning activity' function on the CCCEP website.


There are currently five CCCEP accredited providers, as follow: