Learning Objective Mapped Accreditation

The Learning Objective Mapped Accreditation process differs from CCCEP’s other accreditation processes, and is an enhanced accreditation process.


The Learning Objective Mapped Accreditation review process assesses the program against a set of predetermined learning objectives for the subject area, in addition to the review of the program for relevance to practice, quality of the learning experience, evidence-based content and absence of bias.


To be accredited, the program must address all of the identified learning objectives for the subject area. Learning objective mapped programs are reviewed in two stages. They are first reviewed as regular learning activity programs (stage 1) and then reviewed to ensure that the content of the program meets the pre-determined set of learning objectives for a subject area (stage 2).


The Learning Objective Mapped Accreditation process also differs from CCCEP’s Competency Mapped Certification Accreditation in two key respects.

  • First, there is no certificate component and therefore the specific learner assessment requirements associated with a certificate program are not applied.
  • Second, no competencies are identified that the program must be assessed against.


The Learning Objective Mapped Program Accreditation Policy can be found here.


Learning Objective Mapped Accreditation Program Areas

CCCEP has not yet implemented any program areas for this type of accreditation. One area under active consideration is that of Pharmacy Management.

CCCEP has a working group comprised of representatives from the 10 provincial regulatory authorities. This working group – the Needs Assessment Working Group (NAWG) – has been examining the priority needs for continuing professional development programs from the regulatory perspective. One priority that emerged over the past few years was that of pharmacy management. the NAWG developed desired learning outcomes for pharmacy managers that would address regulatory body perspectives for continuing education programs in this area. These learning outcomes can be found in the document titled “Learning Outcomes for Pharmacy Managers”. 


While this area remains under consideration for inclusion under the advanced accreditation process, providers may wish to consider these learning outcomes if they are developing programs in this topic area for which they intend to seek CCCEP accreditation.