Delivery Type Change ­ - The accreditation of a currently accredited learning activity in a different delivery mode after the necessary revisions (e.g., accredit a live learning activity as an independent study, or vice versa).

Administrative Change­--A review conducted when there is:

  1. A change in an administrative component of the learning activity such as the provider, sponsor, name/title;
  2. A removal of a section of an accredited learning activity; or
  3. Other situations approved by CCCEP.

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Delivery Type/Administrative Change Application Process

Delivery Type/Administrative Change Review Timeline

Delivery Type/Administrative Change Accreditation Fees


The application process for each of these accreditation reviews is similar. There are some differences with respect to the requirement for expert review.

You may also download the Accreditation Manual for Program Providers, which provides a step-by-step guide to the accreditation application process.

1. Prepare and compile the learning activity documents:
   1.1. Learning Activity text/content (include learning objectives and references)
   1.2. Learner assessment/Post Test and answer key/marking rubric (If changed)
   1.3. Learning Activity Evaluation form (If changed)
   1.4. Statement/Letter of Attendance (sample) (If changed)
   1.5. Information available to Learners (e.g., brochure, promotion information)

2. Prepare and compile the required forms:
   2.1. Disclosure forms
   2.2. Expert Review Reports, document listing changes and Author response (If applicable)
   2.3. Author/Presenter/provider Declaration/Checklist (If applicable)

   Suggestion 1: Combine your files into one or two Zip files.

   Suggestion 2: If your file size exceeds 20 or 30 GB, contact CCCEP to discuss alternate ways of submitting your documents.

3. On the CCCEP website, go to the member LOG IN area. Log in using your Provider (or accredited provider) User Name and Password.

4. In the Provider Work Area, click on the “Upload Activity” button to open the Accreditation Application Form.

5. Complete the Accreditation Application Form
   5.1. Select “Extension”, “Delivery” or “Administrative” (as appropriate) for the Application Field
   5.2. Select either “Regular” for the Type of Application (there is no Fast Track for these applications)

6. At the end of the form, upload your learning activity documents and forms. There is provision for uploading only 3 separate documents.

7. Pay the Accreditation Fee using PayPal or indicate alternate fee payment method.

8. Check your Provider Work Area. Your new application should be listed in your Provider Work Area. If not, contact CCCEP.


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The review period for a Delivery Type or Administrative Change application is two weeks.

For detailed information on the review timeline, go to the Accreditation Timelines webpage.


The accreditation fees for a Delivey Type or Administrative Change may be found on the Accreditation Fees page.

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