The accreditation basics include the following:


1.    Accreditation Period

1.1.    The accreditation period for new learning activities (Live, Independent Study and Blended) learning activities is one year.

1.2.    The accreditation period for a Conference is the date(s) of the conference.

2.    Accreditation Renewal

2.1.    The learning activity accreditation (excluding a conference) may be renewed up to two times for a period of one year for each renewal.

2.1.1.    A conference accreditation may not be renewed.

2.2.    Following the second renewal, learning activities may be:

2.2.1.    Extended, if minimal content change is required for the learning activity to remain current and relevant;
2.2.2.    Submitted as a new learning activity for accreditation; or
2.2.3.    Discontinued.

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1.    The CCCEP Accreditation Number has five sections:

1.1.    Program provider number
1.2.    Year submitted
1.3.    Automatically generated sequential number
1.4.    Delivery Mode (L = Live, I = Independent Study, B = Blended, C = Conference)
1.5.    Target Audience (P = Pharmacist, T = Technician)

#### #### #### Letter P or T
Provider Number Year Sequential Number Delivery Mode Target Auditence

Example: 1092-2009-356-L-P – was submitted by provider number 1092 in 2009 and is a live learning activity for pharmacists. The sequential number (356) means it is the 356th activity to be submitted.

2.  Dual Accreditation: A learning activity for both pharmacists and technicians will be submitted twice, once for technicians and once for pharmacists. It is given two separate accreditation numbers.  Refer to the Accreditation Fee Schedule for information on Dual Accreditation fees.

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 1.    One Continuing Education Unit (CEU) is equivalent to one contact hour (60 minutes).
2.    A minimum of one-quarter CEU (15 minutes) is required for accreditation.

3.    The total number of CEUs of a learning activity:

3.1.    Include the contact hours of a live learning activity or the estimated contact hours to complete an independent study activity;
3.2.    Include the time for the learner to complete the learner assessment;
3.3.    Exclude breaks and non-educational activities greater than 5 minutes in a live learning activity.

4.    The estimated contact hours  for independent study activities may be determined by one, or a combination, of the following:

4.1.    The time-to-complete the learning activity by a CCCEP Learning Review Panel;
4.2.    The Mergener formula (for journal articles and similar activities);
4.3.    The time to complete a verified pilot test of the learning activity with a group representative of the target audience;
4.4.    Other verifiable process that is approved in advance by the Executive Director; or
4.5.    A combination of the above.

To learn more about the Mergener formula, go to the Mergener formula page.

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