A conference is a set of learning activities by different presenters on diverse topics that are combined into a single program by the program provider/conference organizer and delivered live (in person or virtually).

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Conference Accreditation

Conference Application Options

Conference Application Process

Conference Review Timeline

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A conference accreditation is issued to a conference organization for the accreditation of one or more sessions to be presented at a conference.

A single CCCEP accreditation number is awarded for the conference event. This accreditation number is applied to all sessions accredited under the conference application for accreditation.

The application for conference accreditation will be made by the conference organizer.

  1. Only the organization that is hosting the conference and considered the “conference organizer” may apply for a conference accreditation.
  2. A learning activity that is accredited by CCCEP in its own right may be presented at a conference. The CCCEP number assigned to the session when the learning activity is presented at a conference will be the unique accreditation number of the individual learning activity and not the conference number.

The accreditation review process is the same as for a new learning activity, except for the following:

  1. Exempted from Expert Review requirements. 
  2. Exempted from learner assessment requirements.

The conference organizer is responsible for ensuring that conference presenters are aware of and adhere to CCCEP's Standards and Guidelines, ensuring clinical relevance, unbiased presentation, completeness, accuracy and the use of current evidence/references.

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Option 1: Complete Submission, including Presentation Content (e.g., slides, handouts) 

  • Prior to the Conference the Provider submits a copy of the presentation documents, plus the required forms and other documents required under Option 2 and as stated in the Conference Accreditation Checklist.

Option 2: Post-Conference Submission of Presentation Content (e.g., slides, handouts). (PLEASE NOTE: effective September 1, 2021 providers must have a Scientific Planning Committee (SPC) for their conference if they wish to apply under this option. Further details on the requirements for an SPC can be found here)

  • Prior to the conference, the conference organizer/provider submits the following:
    • Completed Conference Accreditation Application Checklist;
    • Conference schedule, indicating the duration of each session and which sessions they are seeking accreditation for; and
    • All documents and forms listed on the Conference Accreditation Application Checklist. Note that effective September 1, 2021 this Checklist will require a list of the SPC members and their bios for Option 2 applications only.
  • After the conference, the conference organizer submits the presentation content (i.e., slides presented and handouts provided) to CCCEP for post-conference audit review within 30 days of the conference dates.

Please note: If there are serious issues with inaccurate information, non-complaince with CCCEP Standards or Guidelines, and/or bias in a presentation, the conference organizer/provider may be requested to advise all participants of the concerns regarding the presentation. The accreditation for the session may be withdrawn in the most serious instances.

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You may download the Conference Accreditation Application Checklist from the forms page.

You may also download the Accreditation Manual for Program Providers, which provides a step-by-step guide to the accreditation application process.

  1. Prepare and compile the required learning activity documents and forms, in accordance with the Option under which you are submitting your application.
  2. On the CCCEP website, go to the member LOG IN area. Log in using your Provider (or accredited provider) User Name and Password.
  3. In the Provider Work Area, click on the “Upload Activity” button to open the Accreditation Application Form.
  4. Complete the Accreditation Application Form. Instructions for completing the application form can be found in the Program Provider Manual.
  5. After completing and submitting the application form check your Provider Work Area. Your conference application should be listed in your Provider Work Area under the "reviewing" view. If not, contact CCCEP.


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CCCEP provides a regular paced review and a fast track review for conference accreditations.

For detailed information on the review timeline, go to the Timelines – Application for Review webpage.



The fees for the accreditation of conferences may be found on the Accreditation Fees page.

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