Overview of CCCEP Accreditation

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Recognition of CCCEP Accreditation

CCCEP Accreditation is recognized by all provinces and territories. The accreditation is based on the Standards and Guidelines for CCCEP accreditation. Applications for accreditation are reviewed to determine if they meet the accreditation standards.

Accreditation Options

CCCEP accreditation begins with an application for the accreditaiton of a New Learning Activity. Once accredited, a provider may apply for four different types of changes to the accreditation (Administrative, Delivery Type, Update and Extension)

  1. New Learning Activity – accreditation of a learning activity that has not been previously accredited by CCCEP or a CCCEP accredited learning activity in which more than 10% of the content (depending on the size of the learning activity) has been changed.
    •      New Activities are classed by Delivery Type: Live, Independent Study, Blended and Conference
  2. Administrative Change – A review conducted when there is:
    •      A change in an administrative component of the learning activity such as the provider, sponsor, name/title;
    •      A removal of a section of an accredited learning activity; or
    •      Other situations approved by CCCEP.
  3. Delivery Type/Mode Change ¬ - the accreditation of a currently accredited learning activity in a different delivery mode after the necessary revisions (e.g., accredit a live learning activity as an independent study, or vice versa).
  4. Activity Update ¬ A review conducted when there are changes in a few key facts or content (maximum 10% of content) to keep the learning activity current and according to the latest research or accepted practice.
  5. Extension – the re-accreditation of a currently accredited learning activity, in which there is no or minimal change in the content of the learning activity, for another accreditation period.

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Regular and Fast Track Applications

CCCEP provides a regular review and a fast track reviews. The same review process is used for both types of applications. The difference is that the fast track review is completed in less than half the time as the regular review. There is also a fast track surcharge. The review time lines are outlined on the Accreditation Timelines page.

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Accreditation Process

There are six steps in the CCCEP individual learning activity accreditation process.

  1. Pre-Application (Development) - provider develops the learning activity, gets an expert review and completes other required documents.
  2. Application Submission - provider completes the online application form and submits learning activity content and other documents to CCCEP.
  3. Accreditation Review - CCCEP reviews the application and prepares the Preliminary Report on the review.
  4. Decision on Accreditation - CCCEP sends the Preliminary Report to the provider, identifying any changes required for accreditation; after which the provider advises CCCEP of the changes made to learning activity and submits the revised program.
  5. Finalize Documentation - If approved, CCCEP sends letter of accreditation, lists the program on the CCCEP website and finalizes documentation.
  6. Post-Accreditation - Provider delivers activity, submits required reports to CCCEP, and applies for renewals and updates as needed.

For a detailed overview of the CCCEP accreditation process, click here.

You may also wish to download the CCCEP Accreditation Manual for Program Providers, which provides a step-by-step guide to submit an application for accreditation.

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