Guideline F: Statements of Attendance

Reference: Standard 4 – Effective Adult Learning

1.    Providers will have a sound method to confirm participation in the complete learning activity, such as a registration document, learner assessment or  study group records,

2.    A program provider will issue a Letter or Statement of Attendance to participants who completed the learning activity.

3.    Providers will not use the word “certificate” on the Letter/Statement of Attendance and the document will not have the appearance of a certificate, unless the learning activity has been accredited by CCCEP as a “certificate” program.

4.    The Statement or Letter of Attendance will include the following information:

4.1.    Participant name and license number;
4.2.    Learning activity title;
4.3.    CCCEP number;
4.4.    CCCEP accredited logo;
4.5.    Number of CEUs assigned;
4.6.    Date(s)/location(s) participant attended or date participant completed the learning activity.
4.7.    Learning activity accreditation date and accreditation expiry date;
4.8.    Provider name, name of contact person or position, phone number;
4.9.    Signature of the provider or presenter, which may be original or printed.

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5.    The Statement or Letter of Attendance may include the sponsor name but not include any sponsor logos, product names, messages or branding statements.

6.    A provider will be able to issue a replacement or duplicate Letter/Statement of Attendance, for up to 36 months from the participant’s completion date.

6.1.    The Letter/Statement will indicate that it is a “duplicate” letter or statement.

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