STANDARD 9: Evaluation and Continuous Improvement

Standard 9: The Provider must evaluate each Learning Activity to facilitate ongoing improvement of the Learning Activity and the quality of the learning experience.



9.1 Providers will conduct an Evaluation of each Learning Activity, examining the activity’s:

       a) Content, including:

              i) fulfilment of the Learning Objectives;

              ii) relevance of the content to practice; and

              iii) the presence of any real or perceived Bias, in which case the learner must be asked to describe their specific area(s) of concern.


         b) Delivery, including:

               i) effectiveness of the Author and/or presenter;

               ii) effectiveness of the teaching methods, including active learning opportunities;

               iii) effectiveness and suitability of the Learner Assessments, as described in Standard 7; and

                iv) overall satisfaction of the learners.


          c) Application of knowledge, including:

              Potential for the learner to apply the knowledge gained to their practice.


9.2 All learners in a learner activity must be given the opportunity to complete the Learning Activity Evaluation referenced in 9.1.


9.3 The results of the learners’ evaluations of the Learning Activity must be used to inform the review of the Learning Activity, as detailed in 9.4.


9.4 Providers must review the content, design, delivery, Learner Assessment, and other components of a Learning Activity at least once per year, or when significant findings arise, and make appropriate changes based on:

                    i) the Learning Activity Evaluation arising from 9.1 and 9.2;

                    ii) new evidence; and

                    iii) changes in best practices.