Standard 3: The content and delivery of a learning activity will be balanced, evidence-based, fair and objective.


3.1.    Expert Review. The learning activity will be reviewed by subject matter experts (either 2 external experts or an expert panel) prior to submission.

     3.1.a    The expert reviewers/expert panel members will complete and sign an Expert Reviewer Release Statement;
     3.1.b    The author/provider will prepare and submit an author’s response to the Expert Review which states how the author has addressed the concerns/issues with the learning activity raised by the expert reviewers;

     3.1.c  Where the expert reviewers/expert panel members’ initial review indicates that revisions are required, a revised version, together with author(s) responses to any required revisions that were not made, is to be provided to the expert reviewers/expert panel members. The expert reviewers/expert panel members must sign the declaration in the Expert Reviewer Release Statement form indicating they have reviewed and approved, without conditions, the revised program.

     3.1.d    At least one expert reviewer will be a Canadian pharmacist. An exception may be approved by CCCEP in special circumstances.

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3.2.    Generic names will be used in all learning materials and by presenters. A trade, brand or product name may be used in exceptional cases with prior approval of CCCEP.

3.3.    Corporate or company names or logos of commercial enterprises will not be used in a presentation or learning materials. However, the name of a sponsor may be used once at the beginning of a presentation or article and once in the promotional and other materials.

3.4.    Logos, slogans, branding and product images of any corporate entity will not be used in any learning activity, promotion or other materials related to the learning activity; except that a full privileged program provider may include their logo and name on program and promotion materials.

3.5.    Colours and images used in content and promotion materials will be neutral and not those of a company or drug mentioned in the learning activity. Presentations will have a template with a colour scheme that is not similar to the colours used in sponsor, company or product materials or the website of any product mentioned in the learning activity.

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3.6.    A presenter/author will ensure that all off-label and personal opinions/experience statements are clearly declared to learners.

3.7.    A learning activity about  a unique product (i.e., drug, device, service, technology) may be accredited if it:

  • Focuses on the health condition and its treatment; and
  • Provides full evidence regarding the product, contraindications, and its appropriate use in a comparative context with other products, their uses and results

3.8.    Program providers will ensure that sponsored learning activities meet the standards for CCCEP accreditation by ensuring independent control of the learning activity content and clear and transparent sponsorship agreements.

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We recommend that providers review the following guidelines to ensure that they fully meet this standard.

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