Guideline H: Required Reports on Learning Activity Delivery

1.    Program providers will submit the results of learner evaluations of their learning activity in accordance with the following schedule:

1.1.    Live activities – within 30 days of the delivery of the learning activity;
1.2.    Conferences – within 30 days of the delivery of the conference;
1.3.    Independent Study – at least once per year;
1.4.    Blended – at least once per year.

2.    The learner evaluation report will include the following information:

2.1.    CCCEP learning activity number;
2.2.    Learning activity delivery date(s) or delivery period;
2.3.    Learning activity location (if Live or Conference);
2.4.    Number of participants; and
2.5.    Summary of participant evaluations.

3.    The program provider does not need to advise CCCEP in advance regarding the delivery of an accredited learning activity.

4.    An audit may be conducted on a random selection of learning activities each year or may be conducted upon the receipt of a complaint about a learning activity.


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