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The responsibilities of providers are outlined in the Program Provider Policy.


CCCEP believes in open admittance for continuing pharmacy education program providers. Therefore, any individual, group or organization may register to be a CCCEP program provider.

Incorporated and non-incorporated organizations register in one of two categories of program providers:

  •  Full Privilege Provider
  •  Limited Privilege Provider

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A Full-Privilege Program Provider may be involved in all aspects of the development, design, delivery, evaluation, logistics and promotion of a continuing pharmacy education program. They may work with a limited-privilege provider through a sponsorship or collaborative agreement in accordance with the Sponsorship Code of Practice.

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A Limited-Privilege Program Provider is an organization whose activities are limited so that their ability to influence or control the content of a continuing pharmacy education program is minimized.

A Limited-Privilege Provider is any entity that is:

  •  A commercial enterprise, excluding direct service and education organizations;
  •  A special interest entity; or
  •  Deemed by CCCEP not eligible to be a full-privilege provider.

Limited-Privilege Providers MAY:

  •  Be the provider of record for any learning activity;
  •  Develop, design, deliver and evaluate a learning activity with non-therapeutic content;
  •  Deliver any leraning activity, including contracting the services of an independent third-party facilitator for a Live learning activity and hosting an Independent Study learning activity on a website owned by the limited-privilege provider, except the limited-privilege providers corporate site or a product related site;
  •  Provide logistics (organize and promote) for any Live learning activity;
  •  Conduct the participant evaluations of a learning activity;
  •  Maintain the learner records for a learning activity; and
  •  Issue letters or statements of attendance.

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Limited-Privilege Providers will NOT:

  •  Develop or design a learning activity with therapeutic content, except through a sponsorship or collaborative agreement with a Full-Privilege provider;
  •  Deliver a Live learning activity or the Live component of a Blended learning activity with therapeutic content by appointed or contracted staff of the Limited-Privilege provider;
  •  Host a continuing pharmacy education learning on their corporate or company website;
  •  Hire an appointed or contracted staff person as an author, designer, presenter or evaluator for a learning activity with therapeutic content.

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It is the responsibility of all program providers to:

1. Follow the letter and spirit of the Standards for CCCEP Accreditation;

2. Provide required reports and other informration requested by CCCEP;

3. Follow the letter and spirit of the Sponsorship Code of Practice;

The rights, limitations and responsibilities of both types of providers are listed in the Program Provider Policy.

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