The responsibilities of providers are outlined in the Program Provider Policy, which you may access by clicking here.

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CCCEP believes in open admittance for continuing pharmacy education program providers. Therefore, any individual, group or organization may register to be a CCCEP program provider.

Individuals, groups or organizations register in one of two categories of program providers:

  •  Full Privilege Provider
  •  Limited Privilege Provider

The category determines the level of involvement the provider may have regarding the design, development, delivery, and/or evaluation of a learning activity or conference.

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A Full-Privilege Program Provider may be involved in all aspects of the development, design, delivery, evaluation, logistics and promotion of a continuing pharmacy education program. Full Privilege Providers can submit any learning activity or conference for accreditation.

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A Limited-Privilege Program Provider may only be involved in the non-therapeutic content development for learning activities or conferences. This limitation is to mitigate the risk of bias and/or real or perceived conflict of interest and minimize their influence or control of the therapeutic content of a learning activity/conference.

A Limited-Privilege Provider is any entity that is:

  • A commercial enterprise (e.g., pharmaceutical company; device manufacturing company), excluding direct service pharmacies and education organizations;
  • A special interest entity; or
  • Otherwise deemed by CCCEP to be ineligible to be a Full-Privilege Provider.


Limited Privilege Providers may only submit a learning activity or conference for accreditation if it is non-therapeutic in focus. Non-therapeutic activities may include, but are not limited to, programs focused on pharmacy management, insurance issues, professionalism, or communication skills.

Limited-Privilege Providers who wish to be involved in a learning activity or conference that is therapeutic in focus must do so by working as a Sponsor with a Full Privilege Provider, in accordance with CCCEP’s sponsorship guideline found at



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Program providers are responsible for adhering to CCCEP’s Standards of Accreditation and Accreditation Guidelines, as found on CCCEP’s website at, which will ensure that:

  • Programs are relevant to the target audience;
  • Programs are of high-quality, current, and evidence-based; and
  • Programs are free from bias.  

Program providers are responsible for ensuring that all individuals involved in the design, development, delivery and evaluation of a learning activity or conference are aware of, and adhering to, CCCEP’s Standards of Accreditation and Accreditation Guidelines.

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