The application process section of the Accreditation page on the CCCEP website provides links to the various types of accreditation applications (e.g. new learning activity, renewal), which each have unique requirement for documents and forms that must accompany an accreditation application. Please consult the section relative to the type of application you are submitting for information on the types of forms and documents that must be submitted. 

The information below is more general in nature, and provides guidance on the contents and structure of the documents you are required to submit.

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Final Draft and Format

The content of the learning activity submitted to CCCEP with your application should be the final draft version (as released by your expert reviewers) of the learning activity.

The format you submit the content in should be the one that will be experienced by  the learner (see exception for videos below).

Page/Slide Numbers

All content submitted, whether in word, pdf, powerpoint or other formats, should have page/slide numbers

This allows CCCEP's panel reviewers to refer to specific pages /lines when making comments and will assist providers in reviewing and responding to the reviewers comments.

Sufficient Information and Quality

Learning activity materials must include sufficient information for the CCCEP's panel reviewers to make an informed judgment on the content of the learning activity. This means that:

  • Speaker Notes will be included if the content is submitted (and is to be delivered via) in a slide presentation;
  • The content will be free of spelling, typographical, grammatical, and content errors; and
  • The learning activity will contain sufficient references [Refer to Standard 4: Effective Adult Learning].

Videos and Other Media

Learning activities that will be delivered in other media formats (e.g. audio, video, interactive multimedia) are ideally submitted in the format in which the learner will use them. However, providers may prefer to complete the actual video/final media format following the CCCEP accreditation review.

You may submit the content of these learning activities to CCCEP by:

  • Video file;
  • Using a password-protected website (if if is through a website, instructions for reviewers on how to access an online learning activity must be provided); or
  • Written script of the final video/other format.

If a learning activity is accredited based on a script, the learning activity will be provided a conditional accreditation following successful review.  The provider will then be asked to provide CCCEP with a link or file to review the video/other format.  The final accreditation cannot be issued until after the final format is reviewed.

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