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Finding a Learning Activity

CCCEP maintains a list of all currently accredited learning activities in a database. To find a currently accredited activity, use the search engine in the Search for a Learning Activity page to find a learning activity.

CCCEP accredits the learning activities that are developed and delivered by over 100 different continuing health education program providers. CCCEP, as an accreditation agency, does not deliver continuing education learning activities.

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Information about a Learning Activity

Once you have found a learning activity, you may click on the "View Program" button for more information about the learning activity.

CCCEP provides a brief description of each accredited learning activity on the Program Information form.

This is the form that will open when you click on the "View Program" button on the search page.

This form provides the learning objectives and a brief description of the learning activity. It also provides the contact information of the program provider.

You can obtain more information about the learning activity and its delivery by phoning or e-mailing the contact person, or visiting the provider’s website (if listed).

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Register in a Learning Activity

To register in a specific learning activity, contact the program provider.

The phone number and/or e-mail of the contact person can be found on the Program Information form. 

Some providers list their website address. Click on the website address (or copy and paste it into your  browser) for more information about a learning activity.

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