Meds-Check (Diabetes) Programs

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Pharmacist Education Requirements [from the Meds Check Guidebook]

All Meds Check programs are considered to be in the scope of practice of a pharmacist licensed to practice direct patient care (Part A of the Register, Ontario College of Pharmacists).

The Meds Check for Diabetes requires pharmacist education requirements in addition to being licensed to practice direct patient care.

Pharmacists providing the Meds Check for Diabetes service are required to have adequate knowledge of diabetes education through a professional program approved by a Canadian Council on Continuing Education in Pharmacy (CCCEP) or a Certified Diabetes Educator designation.

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Requirements for a Professional Diabetes Program

CCCEP accredits many learning activities for diabetes. Most do not meet the requirements for a professional diabetes program.

To be considered a professional program in diabetes, the program must be:

  1. Include information on both diabetes and on patient education/advising; and
  2. Be at minimum of 12 CEUs (12 hours).

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CCCEP Accredited Professional Diabetes Programs

The following programs are CCCEP accredited diabetes education programs that, to the best of our knowledge, meet the Ontario Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care requirements for “adequate knowledge of diabetes education” to conduct a Meds Check for diabetes in Ontario.

NOTE: These programs were actively accredited at the time of Listing. You must complete any course prior to its accreditation expiry date.

To obtain more information about the program or to register in a program, click on the information link. The provider contact information is listed on the Program Information web page. You need to contact the program provider to register in a course.

To download this list of programs,click here.


Title: Certified Diabetes Educator Preparation Course

Program Number: 8003-2016-1707-B-P

CEUs: 24


Provider: Ontario Pharmacists Association


Title: Comprehensive Diabetes Educator Program

Program Number: 1057-2016-1679-I-P

CEUs: 20


Provider: PEAR Health


Title: Diabetes Education: A Comprehensive Review

CCCEP Number: 1066-2016-1757-I-P

CEUs: 14


Provider:  rxBriefcase/mdBriefcase


Title: The MASTER Plan for Diabetes Continuing Education Program

CCCEP Number: 8003-2015-1569-I-P


CEUs: 13.75

Provider: Ontario Pharmacists Association


Title: Community Pharmacy Diabetes Management Program

CCCEP Number: 1143-2016-1762-L-P

CEUs: 18


Note: Registration in the program is only open to employees of provider


Title: Diabetes Care Program

CCCEP Number: 1057-2016-1867-I-P

CEUs: 12.00


Note: Registration in the program is only open to employees of provider


This list of programs will be periodically updated.



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