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Overview of the Standards & Guidelines

This section of the CCCEP website provides you will information on the CCCEP Standards and Guidelines for Acccreditation, as well as information on accreditation related policies.

  1. Overview of CCCEP Accreditation
  2. CCCEP Standards Guidelines for Accreditation;
  3. Sponsorship Code
  4. Certificate Program Accreditation
  5. Competency-Mapped Accreditation
  6. Immunization and Injection programs
  7. Accreditation Fees
  8. Program Provider Policy
  9. Use of CCCEP Logo

Each of these items is dealt with in a separate page in this section of the website.

A Glossary of terms used by CCCEP may be found in the CCCEP Glossary.

Introduction to CCCEP Accreditation

CCCEP accredits continuing pharmacy education (CPE) programs that are intended for delivery to pharmacists or pharmacy technicians in Canada. CCCEP accreditation is by all provincial and territorial regulatory authorities.

Programs eligible for CCCEP accreditation may be designed for independent study, live presentation, or for combination of both of independent study and live delivery. CCCEP also review conferences, which may be Live, Independent Study or a blend of Live and Independent Study. Please refer to description of the Types of Programs in the Program Guidelines section of this website.

Unlike many continuing education accreditation authorities, CCCEP provides two avenues to continuing education program accreditation:

  1. Individual Program Accreditation,
  1. Program Provider Accreditation.


Benefits of CCCEP Accreditation

CCCEP accreditation is an assurance to pharmacy professionals that a continuing pharmacy education program is an evidence-based, relevant, and unbiased learning experience. Pharmacy professionals view the CCCEP logo as a sign of quality continuing education.

The CCCEP accreditation process is designed to ensure that the program:

  1. Has accurate, evidence-based content;
  2. Is relevant to practicing pharmacy professionals;
  3. Is bias free; and
  4. Is a quality learning experience for the learner.

To achieve this, Continuing Education programs are reviewed for content by expert reviewers and for relevance and bias by peer reviewers. Peer reviewers are practicing pharmacy professionals from across Canada.

Individual Program Accreditation

The Individual Accreditation process is an expert and peer-review process. Programs are reviewed by subject matter experts prior to be submitted to CCCEP. Following submission to CCCEP for accreditation, programs are submitted for peer review by a Learning Review Panel. The panel reviews the program and makes a recommendation for changes to the program and on the accreditation of the program.

The main business of CCCEP is the accreditation of individual learning activities and programs. CCCEP accredits Live, Independent Study, and Blended learning activities. CCCEP also provides accredits conferences.

For information on the Standards and Guidelines, click on the following links.

          Standards for CCCEP Accreditation

          Guidelines, CCCEP Accreditation

For information on the roles and responsibilities of a CCCEP provider of continuing education, go the the Provider Info page.

            Provider Info

For information on submitting an application for an individual program, click on the following link.

Apply for Accreditation

To submit a program, you must be registered as a provider with CCCEP. To register as a provider, go to the “Register as a Provider” page of this website.

          Register as a Provider

Accreditation of Certificate Programs

Programs that meet the special requirements for a certificate program, may apply for accreditation of a program as a certificate program. For information, click on the following link.

          Certificate Program Accreditation

CCCEP also provide Competency-Mapped Accreditation for certificate programs in areas of practice for which there exists a set of competencies established by a recognized authority. For more information, click on the following link.

          Competency-Mapped Accreditation

Provider Accreditation

An Accredited Provider is an organization that is accredited by CCCEP to issue CCCEP accreditation for their own programs using the CCCEP Standards for Accreditation of continuing pharmacy education programs. Information on program provider accreditation may be found on the Accredited Provider section of the CCCEP website.

For information on the accreditation of providers, go to the “Info for Accredited Providers” page of this website.

          Accredited Providers Info


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