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Standard 4: The learning activity facilitates effective adult learning.


4.1.    The learning activity will include active and/or interactive learning activities to help participants achieve their learning objectives and transfer knowledge to their practice.

4.2.    Instructional Materials:
4.2.1.    All instructional materials will be high quality, current in content, and designed to enhance the participants’ understanding of the topic.
4.2.2.    Instructional materials may include, but are not limited to content document or material (text or electronic), handouts, outlines, background materials, selected bibliographies, and audio-visual aids.

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4.3.    Authors, Presenters, Facilitators:
4.3.1.    The author, presenter or facilitator for each learning activity will have the appropriate competence and credibility in the subject matter and/or learning activity delivery methods, gained through education and experience.
4.3.2.    An author or presenter will not be an employee of the learning activity sponsor or any of its subsidiaries or associates.

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4.4.    References:
4.4.1.    References that support the content of a learning activity will be provided.
4.4.2.    References will be current, relevant, and credible; and reflect a balanced representation of the best available research evidence.
4.4.3.    References will be provided in a standard format such as AMA (American Medical Association), Vancouver, APA (American Psychological Association), Harvard, MLA (Modern Language Association), Chicago/ Turabian.
4.4.4.    A short version of a reference may be used, provided there is sufficient information to easily find the reference and a list with the full reference information is accessible by the learner.
4.4.5.    A reference with a brand or corporate name may be used once. A short version of the reference which excludes the brand or corporation name will be used for each subsequent use.
4.4.6.    If a product monograph is used as a reference, then the full reference to the product monograph will be used once. Subsequent references to the product monograph will be phrased “Product Monograph #”.

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4.5.   Learner Assessments

Providers will include a learner assessment that enables learners to determine their achievement of the learning objectives, except for activities accredited under a conference accreditation.
4.5.1.    Learner assessments may be knowledge-based, reflective, and or authentic.
4.5.2.    In Live learning activities, the learner assessment may be included in the delivery of the learning activity or distributed after the learning activity.
4.5.3.    In independent study, blended and certificate learning activities, the learner assessment will be included as part of the delivery.
4.5.4.    If the learner assessment is included in the delivery of the learning activity, the time to complete the learner assessment is included in the calculation of the continuing education units (CEUs) awarded to the learning activity.
4.5.5.    Feedback will be provided to participants on the results of their learner assessments. The feedback mechanism will include the provision of correct answers (if appropriate) with an explanation.
4.5.6.    The pass rate for a learner assessment will be a minimum of 70% for knowledge-based assessments.

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4.6.    Statements of Attendance and Learner Records
4.6.1.    The program provider will provide the learner with a statement of attendance and have a valid method of confirming participant attendance.
4.6.2.    The program provider will retain learner/participant records for a period of three years after the last expiry date of a learning activity and be able to confirm attendance by a participant when requested during this period.

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It is recommended that Providers review the following Guidelines to ensure that they fully meet this standard.

If you are submitting a learning activity for accreditation as a Certificate Program, we recommend that you review the following policy

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