A learning activity, other than a conference, may be renewed two times, each for a one-year period.

Following the second renewal, a learning activity must either be submitted for:

  1. Accreditation as a new learning activity, or
  2. An extension of accreditation, if there are minimal content changes required for the learning activity to remain current.

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When to Renew

Renewal Process

Renewal Timeline

Renewal Fees



We recommend that you begin the accreditation renewal process two (2) to three (3) months prior to the accreditation expiry date. If your learning activity needs updating, this will allow you the time needed to update it.

At a minimum, the accreditation renewal must be submitted 14 days prior to the expiry date to ensure a continuity of accreditation.

Failure to renew prior to the expiry date will result in the cancellation of the accreditation of the learning activity or program.


For more information on the accreditation renewal process, you may download the Guide to Accreditation Renewal.

You may also download the Checklist for Accreditation Renewal.

1. Determine if the Content of the Learning Activity needs to be updated.

   1.1. If YES, prepare and compile the learning activity documents and forms:

  •  Updated Learning Activity text/content (include learning objectives and references),
  •  Learner assessment/Post Test and answer key/marking rubric (Only if updated)
  •  Learning Activity Evaluation form (Only if updated)
  •  Statement/Letter of Attendance (Only if updated)
  •  Information available to Learners (e.g., brochure, promotion information) (Only if updated)
  •  Disclosure forms (Of individuals involved in update)
  •  Expert Review Report, document listing changes and Author response (On updated content)

   Suggestion 1: Combine your files into one or two Zip files.

   Suggestion 2: If your file size exceeds 20 or 30 GB, contact CCCEP to discuss alternate ways of submitting your documents.

   1.2. In NO, you do not need to submit any learning activity documents or forms

2. One the CCCEP website, go to the member LOG IN area. Log in using your Provider (or accredited provider) User Name and Password.

3. In the Provider Work Area, click on the “Renew Activity” button for the activity you wish to renew. This will open the Accreditation Renewal Form.

4. Complete the Accreditation Renewal Form
   4.1. Most of the Learning Activity information will be completed.
   4.2. Select either the “Activity Updated” or the “Activity Not Update” button.
   4.3. If updated, upload your learning activity documents and forms. There is provision for uploading only 3 separate documents.

5. Pay the Accreditation Fee using PayPal or indicate alternate fee payment method.

6. Check your Provider Work Area. You renewal should be listed in the information about your learning activity. If not, contact CCCEP.

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The timeline for renewal of accreditation is a maximum of two weeks.

For detailed information on the review timeline, go to the Accreditation Timelines webpage.


The renewal fees may be found in the Accreditation Fees page.

 You may prepay your renewal fees at the time of accreditation. Download the Guide to Prepayment of Accreditation Renewals.

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