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RSS Application Process

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Regularly Scheduled Series

A Regularly Scheduled Series (RSS) is a set/series of multiple live continuing health education sessions that occur on an ongoing, scheduled basis (e.g. weekly, monthly, quarterly) that are organized by, and meet the learning needs of, a defined group of health professionals.

An RSS differs from other repeated learning activities in that they are planned as a set/series of educational sessions with different content for the same audience (e.g., professional staff of a hospital, community pharmacy or health care system) as opposed to a learning activity with the same content offered to different audiences.

An RSS is delivered in live delivery mode, presented in person to a live audience and/or presented to a remote audience in a synchronous fashion (e.g., live webinar, videoconference or teleconference).

The learning activities of an RSS are organized by an RSS approved Provider, under the guidance of a Scientific Planning Committee (SPC). Requirements for the SPC can be found here.

RSS Requirements

All learning activities under an RSS must adhere to CCCEP's Standards and Guidelines, with the exception of the requirements for Expert Review and Learner Assessment, from which RSS activities are currently exempt. While exempt, RSS providers are strongly encouraged to undertake measures consistent with these requirements, wherever possible.

Additional requirements for RSS activities are also in place, such as the SPC requirement noted above. RSS Providers should be familiar with CCCEP's Standards and Guidelines as well as the requirements outlined in the Accreditation of Regularly Scheduled Series policy found here.

Apply to be an RSS Provider

To seek accreditation for RSS activities providers must first meet the criteria for, and be approved as, an RSS provider. The criteria and application process are described in the policy referenced in the section above.

If you wish to be apply to be considered as an RSS Provider please complete the application form and submit it to by email to the Executive Director of CCCEP at 

RSS Accreditation Application Process

NOTE: RSS Accreditation Applications cannot yet be submitted. CCCEP anticipates being ready to accept applications before the end of March, 2022. 

In preparation for accreditation application, download the RSS Accreditation Application checklist and Provider Declaration Form. The checklist can be found on the CCCEP forms pageThis checklist must be completed and signed by an authorized representative for the RSS provider

As RSS accreditation is a self-approval process for approved RSS providers, no documents are required to be submitted except for the RSS Accreditation Application checklist. However, the RSS provider must maintain documentation with respect to all elements referenced in the checklist for the purpose of audits that may be conducted by CCCEP at any time. For details on the audit/review process please consult the policy referenced above. 

Once you have completed the checklist and ensured all documentation is on file, reviewed by the Provider's SPC, and meets the requirements of the RSS policy and CCCEP's Standards and Guidelines, you are ready to submit your RSS accreditation application using the steps below.

  1. On the CCCEP website, go to the LOG IN area in the upper right hand corner. Log in using your Provider (or Accredited Provider) User Name and Password.
  2. In the Provider Work Area, click on the “Upload Activity” button to open the Accreditation Application Form.
  3. Complete the Accreditation Application Form. Instructions for completing the application form can be found in the Program Provider Manual. For the "Type of Application" you will select "New Learning Activity", and for "Delivery Mode"  you will select "Regularly Scheduled Series".
  4. Near the end of the Application Form you will find the Attachments section where you will upload your completed checklist and declaration form.
  5. After completing and submitting the application form check your Provider Work Area. Your RSS application should be listed in your Provider Work Area under the "reviewing" view. If not, contact CCCEP.
  6. CCCEP will send the contact person indicated in your RSS accreditation application a letter confirming the accreditation of the RSS based on your self-approval process and the submitted checklist and declaration. Please maintain this on file with the other documents/forms to support your self-approval process.

Accreditation Timelines and Fees

Receipt of confirmation of the RSS self-approval accreditation can be expected within 5 to 7 business days from the date of submission of the application.

Fees associated with RSS accreditation applications are contained in the RSS policy. They are as follow:

  • Application for RSS Provider Status: $100, plus applicable taxes
  • RSS application fee: $420, plus applicable taxes