A new learning activity is any learning activity that has not been previously submitted to CCCEP for accreditation or a previously submitted learning activity in which the content has been changed.

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Learning Activity Accreditation Review

Application Process - New Activity

Prepay Renewals

New Activity Timeline


A learning activity accreditation review is deemed to commence when all the required documentation has been received and confirmed.

All periods stated on this page do not include statutory holidays. One day will be added for each statutory holiday in the review period.

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You may download the Learning Activity Checklist from the forms page which lists the required documents.

You may also download the Accreditation Manual for Program Providers, which provides a step-by-step guide to the accreditation application process.

1. Prepare and compile the learning activity documents/required forms:

  • Completed Accreditation Application Checklist
  • Content (In the format in which it is being presented; PLEASE NOTE: submission for live must include speakers’ notes with the slides being submitted)
  • *Disclosure statement(s) that will be published (see CCCEP Standard 5)
  • *Learning objectives
  • *Table of Contents or Index
  • *Reference list
  • Information available to learners (e.g., submission of answers, marks required, and notification of results; NOTE: only applies to submissions for independent study)
  • Post-test questions (NOTE: only applies to submissions for independent study)
  • Answer Key with Rationale (NOTE: only applies to submissions for independent study
  • *Alternate Learner Assessment (e.g. Case Study; NOTE: only applies to submissions for Live programs)
  • Participant evaluation form
  • Sample Letter or Statement of Participation/Attendance for participants (see CCCEP Guideline F)
  • Comments from Expert Reviewer (1) ¬ Collated
  • Comments from Expert Reviewer (2) ¬ Collated
  • Author(s) written response to Expert Reviewers' comments (All Authors; if more than one author please name the documents 15a, 15b etc.)
  • Expert Reviewer (1) release statement
  • Expert Reviewer (2) release statement
  • Disclosure Form Author (For each Author; may be combined into one pdf; if providing separately please name them as 18a, 18b, etc.)
  • Disclosure form expert reviewer (1)
  • Disclosure form expert reviewer (2)
  • Disclosure form provider
  • Author(s)/Presenter/Provider declarations (one document required for each author, presenter and provider, which may be combined into one pdf; if provided separately please name them as 22a, 22b, 22c etc.

* For submissions for Live activities you may provide a reference to the slide/page number in your main content document (#2 on the checklist) instead of providing these required elements as separate documents.   

   Suggestion 1: Combine your files into one or two Zip files.
   Suggestion 2: If your file size exceeds 20 or 30 GB, contact CCCEP to discuss alternate ways of submitting your documents.

2. On the CCCEP website, go to the member LOG IN area. Log in using your Provider (or accredited provider) User Name and Password.

3. In the Provider Work Area, click on the “Upload Activity” button to open the Accreditation Application Form.

4. Complete the Accreditation Application Form

   4.1. Select “New Activity” for the Application Field
   4.2. Select either “Regular” or “Fast Track” for the Type of Application

5. At the end of the form, upload your learning activity documents and forms. There is provision for uploading only 3 separate documents.

6. Pay the Accreditation Fee using PayPal or indicate alternate fee payment method.

7. Check your Provider Work Area. Your new application should be listed in your Provider Work Area. If not, contact CCCEP.

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You may prepay one or both of your renewals for a learning activity. Prepaid renewals are fully refundable if you later decide not to renew.

To prepay renewals:

1. Select the Learning Activity for which you wish to prepay the renewal.

2. Click on the “Prepay Renewal” button.

3. Complete the Prepayment of Accreditation Renewal Form.

4. Select your method of payment.

Refer to the Guide to Prepayment of Accreditation Renewal.

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CCCEP provides a regular review and a fast track review for new learning activities.

    Regular Review:

  • Initial Review – identification of changes needed (if any) – 5 weeks (6 weeks if greater than 4 CEUs)
  • Revisions and Final Approval – up to one week from receipt of changes

    Fast Track Review

  • Initial Review – identification of changes needed (if any) – 9 days (14 days if greater than 4 CEUs)
  • Revisions and Final Approval – up to 2 days from receipt of required changes

For detailed information on the review timeline, go to the Accreditation Timelines webpage.

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The accreditation fees for new learning activity accreditations may be found on the Accreditation Fees page.


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