Reference: Standard 3 – Balanced, Evidence-Based, Fair and Objective

1. Generic names will be used in accredited learning activities.

2. Brand, trade or proprietary names will not be used except when approved by CCCEP. The use of a trade, product or proprietary name will only be approved in exceptional cases:

2.1. Where patient safety is at risk;
2.2. Where it is necessary to avoid confusion between products with substantive differences in therapeutic results or effects; or
2.3. When there is no generic name.

3. If a brand, trade or proprietary name is used:

3.1. The brand name will appear in parentheses after the generic name;
3.2. The brand name of all similar or equivalent products will be used;
3.3. Every drug mentioned should be referred to in a consistent and similar manner.

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4. For products with long generic names (such as compounds), the full generic name is to be used at least once. A shortened generic name may be used, provided it is first used in brackets after the full generic name.

5. Company names will not be used, except that the company name of a sponsor may be used once at the beginning or end of a learning activity.

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