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Content Requirements

The general requirements for content documents that you submit with your application are:

  • Final Draft and Format

    • Content is the final draft version (or near final) of the learning activity;
    • The format is the one that will be experienced by  the learner (See exception for videos below)
    • If a learning activity is edited following the accreditation review, the final edited version will be submitted to CCCEP noting any changes in the learning activity from the learning activity that was accredited.
  • Page/Slide Numbers

    • Print materials and PowerPoints should have page/slide numbers
    • It is helpful to reviewers if text documents also contain line numbers. This allows the reviewers to refer to specific pages /lines when making comments.
  • Sufficient Information and Quality

    • Learning activity materials will include sufficient information for the expert and learning panel reviewers to make an informed judgment on the content of the learning activity:
      • This means that Speaker Notes will be included in Overhead or PowerPoint slide presentations;
      • The content will be free of spelling, typographical, grammatical, and content errors;.
      • The learning activity will contain sufficient references [Refer to Standard 4 (4.4): Effective Adult Learning].
  • Videos and Other Media

    • Learning activities in other media formats (e.g. audio, video, interactive multimedia) are ideally submitted in the format in which the learner will use them. This may be by:
      • Video file, CD-ROM or through a password-protected website;
      • If website or protected file, instructions for reviewers on how to access an online learning activity must be provided;
      • The written script of videos and other formats:
        • The provider may do actual video following the CCCEP review;
        • If a learning activity is accredited based on the script, the learning activity will be provided a conditional accreditation;
        • The provider will provide CCCEP will a link or file to review the video after it is developed;
        • The final accreditation will be issued after the video is submitted for review.

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A Checklist of Required Documents may be downloaded from the Forms webpage.

Learning Activity Documents

The documents that may be included in your application are:

  • Learning activity Text/Content:
    • Table of Contents or Index;
    • Learning Objectives;
    • Text/Content;
    • Reference List;
    • Disclosure statement(s) that will be published (This may be included at the beginning of the learning activity text or included as a separate document);
  • Information available to learners (E.g., submission of answers, marks required, and notification of results);
  • Learner Assessment/Post Test:
    • Assessment Questions;
    • Answer Key/Rubric  with Rationale (This must be a separate document);
  • Learning Activity Evaluation Form;
  • Sample Letter/Statement of Attendance for Participants.

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Forms to Submit

The CCCEP forms are:

  • Expert Review Release Statements;
  • Comments of Expert Reviewers;
  • Author(s) written response to Expert Reviewers' comments;
  • Disclosure Forms for Author(s), Providers, Presenters, Expert Reviewers;
  • Author/Presenter Checklist/Declaration;
  • Mergener Formula Form (If used).

These documents may be downloaded from the Forms webpage.

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