The Standards for CCCEP Accreditation apply to the development, delivery and administration of all continuing education learning activities accredited by CCCEP or offered by a CCCEP accredited provider.

As outlined in CCCEP's standards, the following Conditions apply to Accreditation:

  1. Learning activities will be delivered as accredited.  Any changes to the content, presentation format or delivery will be submitted to CCCEP for approval prior to delivery.  Changes may be submitted as a(n):
    1. New learning activity
    2. Delivery type review
    3. Administrative review
    4. Update
  2. Learning activities in which there is substantial change (>10%) in the content of the learning activity will be submitted as a new learning activity.
  3. Accredited and non-accredited activities will be clearly identified when both are presented at the same event, such as a conference.
  1. Learning materials submitted to CCCEP may be in English or French in accordance with Guideline J (Language of Submission and Translation of Learning Activities).
    1. An activity accredited in one language may be translated to the other language.


The program provider and sponsor are responsible for assuring that they adhere to the Accreditation Standards and Guidelines for CCCEP Accreditation.   CCCEP may assess a penalty if a provider or sponsor fails to comply.  The penalty may include:

  • Refusal to accredit future submissions from the provider or sponsor, either for a specified period of time or indefinitely;
  • Withdrawal of accreditation prior to the initial or subsequent presentation of a live learning activity or for any further participant submissions of an independent study learning activity; and/or
  • Any other penalty as may be determined appropriate by the CCCEP Board of Directors.

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