Competency-Mapped Accreditation

Competency-mapped accreditation is an enhanced accreditation process for certificate programs.

Competency-Mapped programs must:

  1. Meet the requirements for accreditation as a certificate program, and
  2. Meet a set of predetermined competencies.

Programs submitted for Competency-Mapped accreditation are first reviewed as certificate programs and then reviewed to ensure that the objectives and content of the program meet the pre-determined set of requirements or standards for a subject area.

To download a copy of the Competency-Mapped Certificate Program Accreditation policy, click here.


Current Competency-Mapped Accredited Programs

Competency-Mapped Accreditation is currently provided for programs in the following area:  

Immunization and Injections

Cannabis and Patient Care in Pharmacy

In Development

Competency-Mapped Accreditation is under development for the following areas:

  • Sterile Compounding

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