Immunization and Injections Programs

To obtain the list of Immunization and Injection programs that are currently accredited, click here.

Registration and Information About a Specific Program

To contact the program provider for more information about a specific immunization and injections program, enter the program number of the program you want in the search box on the Search for Learning Activities page.

If you want to look at several programs, enter “immunization” in the search box.

Information about Required Immunization and Injections Competencies

The immunization and injection programs are competency-mapped accredited programs. The competencies are based on the Health Canada immunization competencies for health professionals and are approved by the National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities.

You may download the Comptency-Mapped Application form from the CCCEP Forms Page on this website. Scroll down to Comptency-Mapped Accreditation Forms.

To obtain more information about the competencies and requirements for immunization and injection, click here.