CPD/CE Policy Summit


Advancing Innovation and

Excellence in Pharmacy Practice


Edmonton, Halifax, Toronto

September-October 2010



Sponsored by:  Canadian Council on Continuing Education in Pharmacy and

                               the Canadian Pharmacists Association

                               The CPD/CE Policy Summit was made possible by a grant provided from Health Canada


Inspiration by:      The participants from all areas of the pharmacy community who gave of their valuable time and innovative ideas. We thank you.



Summit Reports


There are two reports available from the CPD/CE Policy Summit – a summary report and the full report on the Summit.


·         Summary Report of the CPD/CE Policy Summit (English)            (Click here for report)

·         Rapport sommaire du sommet sur les politiques de DPC/FC    (cliqueter ici pour le rapport)

·         Complete Report of the CPD/CE Policy Summit                              (Click here for Report)


Summit Working Papers


Pre-Conference Papers


A short document on each of the four theme areas of the Summit was circulated to participants prior to the Summit. Click on the following link to obtain a copy of the pre-summit papers. (Click Here).


Working Papers


These will be uploaded in the near future.




For more information on the CPD/CE Policy Summit, please contact the Arthur Whetstone (CCCEP) or Phil Emberley (CPhA)








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