Standards and Guidelines for CCCEP Accreditation

The Standards for CCCEP Accreditation provide the requisite requirements and framework for CCCEP accreditation. For those Standards for which further guidance was viewed as needed to enable program providers to meet the Standard, a Guideline was developed. These Standards-Related Guidelines are outlined below.

Standards for CCCEP Accreditation, 2012

The 2012 Standards for CCCEP Accreditation are effective July 1, 2012. The standards are based on following eleven principles of quality continuing pharmacy education.

1      Quality learning experience

2      Outcomes-focused learning

3      Evidence-based, fair and objective

4      Relevant to practice

5      Transfer to Practice

6      Learner feedback

7      Learner success

8      Ongoing improvement

9      Bias and influence free

10    Transparent

11    Informed learner choice

You may download the 2012 Standards for CCCEP Accreditation by clicking on the following link.

Download Standards for CCCEP Accreditation


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