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 A person or organization that has a concern with a decision or policy of CCCEP or with a program accredited by CCCEP may submit a complaint to the Executive Director. The complaint must be in writing and identify the person submitting the complaint.

You may contact the Executive Director by e-mail or phone to discuss the submission of the complaint prior to submitting the written complaint.

You will be asked to identify which the type of complaint you are submitting. There are two types of complaints that may be made regarding CCCEP’s accreditation of programs. The process for handling each type of compliant is slightly different.


Type 1: Complaints from individuals or organizations regarding the accreditation of a continuing education program, the content or delivery of the program, or CCCEP standards, policies or procedures.  

Type 2: A complaint against a CCCEP accredited organization (approved provider) providing continuing pharmacy education must be related to the standards or the policies and procedures of CCCEP.

You may view the CCCEP policy on complaints by clicking on the “
CCCEP Complaint Policy ” link.

 CCCEP's Complaint Policy is intended to: 


a) Treat and resolve complaints in a timely and fair manner;

b) Ensure that all parties are informed in a timely manner of the complaint process, have an opportunity to respond to the complaint in writing, and are kept informed of the progress of the investigation and the decisions regarding the complaint;

c) Resolve complaints at the lowest level possible;

d) Inform the CCCEP board of the submission of a complaint, the progress of the treatment of the complaint, and the resolution of a complaint;

e) Involve the board as needed and appropriate; and

f) Not prevent a complainant or program provider from appealing the resolution of the complaint to the board.

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